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NICU Cameras Now at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women

NICU Cameras Now at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women announces brand new Natus NICVIEW cameras are now available in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Six cameras have been secured for families to provide a virtual window to view the newest addition of their family via a smartphone or computer if they are unable to be on-site. This project was made possible by the generous donors of the Lake Charles Memorial Health System Foundation through the Women and Children’s fund in September of 2021.

Family centered care has always set Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women apart as the premier birthing facility in Southwest Louisiana. Having NICVIEW cameras available for parents and family members from the first and critical moments of their baby’s life keeps families at the center of newborn care. The cameras and streaming promote bonding even at a distance, with a high level of security and privacy.

Spencer Lucas, NICU Director says, “These cameras will help minimize the impact NICU families experience when being separated from their babies. This shows our unwavering dedication to the families and the babies.”

The NICU staff is able to leave notes and messages about the baby for the family to view to keep up with milestones and developments during the babies stay.

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women serves the five parish area and families could potentially have to travel a long distance to spend time with their baby. Many of the babies in the NICU were born prematurely and are released within a few days. However, the length of stay for some on this unit can be months. While not a replacement for an in-person visit, this tool allows families to have access to their new bundle of joy 24/7.

A small camera mounted to the NICU bedside captures a live, secure password-protected video stream. Parents have exclusive control over the password, which may be distributed at their discretion to friends or family members.