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Online Seminar: Shoulder Replacements

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  • Event Type:Seminar

Living with shoulder pain can negatively impact your quality of life and make everyday activities more difficult. One solution may be a shoulder replacement. The goal of a shoulder replacement is to eliminate the source of pain and dysfunction by replacing damaged parts of the shoulder joint. The procedure is meant to relieve your pain, improve your strength, increase your range of motion, and enable you to use your shoulder and arm to improve your quality of life.

Dr. Jackson, Memorial’s newest orthopedic surgeon, who is fellowship-trained in sports medicine, will explain the difference between anatomic shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement. With over 70,000 shoulder replacements in the United States each year, anatomic and reverse shoulder replacements are the most common, but logistically have their differences.

For more information about the seminar, call (337) 494-2935. You can watch the event live online by visiting or NOTE: will only be active while the seminar is taking place.

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