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Live & On Call: Young Athletes and Concussions

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  • Event Type:Virtual Event

Sports are an excellent way for kids and teens to stay healthy and learn important leadership and teambuilding skills. Often young athletes do not recognize their own limitations, especially when it comes to concussions. Sport-related concussions in youth are common and can have significant long term adverse effects. Coaches and parents play an important role in preventing concussions and responding appropriately if they do occur. Having the knowledge and resources to better understand the impact of concussions will help keep young athletes healthy, active, and thriving.

To discuss some steps to help keep young athletes safe, Brian Harrell, MD, family medicine physician, and Director of Sports Medicine at Memorial, will be live and on call for you on.

Based on his experience of treating young athletes, Dr. Harrell will discuss how to improve prevention, recognition, and response to sports-related concussions.

  • Price: Free
  • Registration Instructions: You can watch the event live online by visiting or NOTE: A recording of the livestream will be available on our website, Facebook and Youtube pages following the event.