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Lake Charles Women’s Health Services

Trusted OB/GYN Physicians Serving Southwest Louisiana

What makes Memorial Hospital for Women unique?

For starters, our focus is on the different healthcare needs of women. Nestled among tranquil gardens and waterfalls, more than 30,000 labors of love have been delivered since 2003. Our newly completed $8.5 million dollar expansion is just the next step in our commitment to women’s health. Through every phase of your life, Memorial Hospital for Women is here for you.

Memorial. Because your healthcare is personal.

3D Mammography & 128-slice CT Imaging

Medical technology is constantly evolving, improving and striving to find new and better ways to diagnose and treat breast cancer. Genius™ 3D Mammography views each layer of the breast like the pages of a book for more thorough imaging of breasts of all shapes, sizes and densities. It scans all the complexities of the breast tissue in greater detail which allows better evaluation of the breast tissue layer by layer, making fine details more visible and no longer hidden by overlapping tissue.

Our 128-slice CT scanner provides thinner slices of the image taken, giving physicians more information and a sharper image. Its new software also reduces the amount of radiation received by a patient and has a faster start to finish time. Faster exams improve patient’s comfort and their overall experience.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our Family Surgery Center has expanded from 4 to 6 operating room suites providing minimally invasive gynecologic procedures and same day surgeries conducted by board-certified gynecologists and surgeons using innovative laparoscopic and technologies to perform surgery through tiny incisions. This minimally invasive approach enables patients to return to routine activities in a shorter period of time while experiencing less discomfort after surgery.

Prenatal and Women’s Genetics Testing

Genetic and molecular tests have the potential to not only provide patients with personalized diagnostic information, but also allow for specifically tailored treatment plans, thus limiting resistance and toxicity. They also supply prognostic information about cancer in its early stages, thereby determining whether aggressive, early management is necessary. Some genetic testing Memorial performs related to breast cancer diagnostics are BRCA, Mammoprint, Oncotype, ER/PR, and HER2.

Newborn Critical Care

Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, to care for the needs of ill and critically ill newborns, is specially equipped and staffed by a team of dedicated registered nurses and neonatal nurses under the medical supervision of board-certified neonatologists. The NICU utilizes advanced transport incubators that provide a portable heated environment, state-of-the-art ventilation, and cardiac monitoring during transport of the most fragile infants.

Updated Labor & Delivery Suites

We offer recently updated suites specially designed to accommodate women through every phase of the delivery process. Staffed with registered nurses who are skilled in high-risk deliveries, the Family Birth Center also has surgical suites for cesarean section deliveries. Adjustable bassinets in each room to make it easier for the new mom to reach baby from the bed. Portable bassinets, equipped with oxygen and warming lights, are also available when needed. Except when medically necessary, the baby never has to leave the mother.

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Memorial for Women
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