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Billing FAQs

Answers to Your Questions About Billing Services

We understand that medical billing is a complex topic. Our goal is to provide some clarity. Here at Lake Charles Memorial, we do everything we can to serve our clients with excellence. This includes answering your questions about our billing services. Read answers to frequently asked questions below, or contact our Lake Charles hospital for more information.

Can I get an estimate for the charges I'll be receiving?

Yes. Contact our insurance clerk at (337) 494-3265. We'll provide you with an estimate for your charges.

I would like to see an itemized bill or my account balance. Who can I call?

We're happy to help you with that. Get in touch with a customer service representative from our Lake Charles hospital at (337) 494-3265 for an itemized bill or to see the current balance on your account.

How long will it be until I receive my statement?

We start by billing the insurance provider or providers you name. We will also bill any worker's compensation insurance company you present when you register prior to billing you. As soon as your health insurance provider has gone through with their payments, you will receive our statement. Please review the statement for accuracy. If you have any questions about your statement, please contact a customer service representative at (337) 494-3265.

Why was my account sent to a collection agency?

We refer unpaid accounts to collections agencies after a set period of time. You will receive 120 days worth of statements and collection letters mailed to your home prior to sending your account to the collections agency, and we'll also let you know when this referral will take place, so you will have the chance to take action on your account.

Is physician billing separate from hospital billing?


What is the explanation of benefits (EOB) I received?

This is the document sent by your insurance provider explaining how your claim was covered. Compare this document to your statement from the hospital. If you have a dispute regarding what the insurance company covered, contact your provider right away.

Why couldn't the registration representative at the ER tell me anything about whether or not my insurance would cover my visit?

This is due to the fact that there are regulations in place prohibiting us from answering your billing questions until we have learned more about your emergency. This protects patients and ensures that everyone who visits our emergency room can receive help without worrying about their ability to pay.

Why are costs so high?

Lake Charles Memorial Health System is a complex machine that requires many parts to run and to continue serving our clients and patients with excellence. From maintaining state-of-the-art facilities to utilizing the best equipment available to employing advanced and highly competent medical practitioners, healthcare is not cheap, and-as with other similar facilities in the American healthcare system-our fees do reflect this reality. If you would like to dispute an aspect of your bill, please do not hesitate to contact patient financial services at (337) 494-3265.