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LCMHS Violence Prevention Program

Lake Charles Memorial Health System is committed to providing a work environment that is free from harassment, violence, and threats of violence. Violence in the workplace is an occupational health and safety hazard that can cause physical and emotional harm. We believe physical and emotional safety is a right and responsibility of every person. As such, Lake Charles Memorial Health System instituted a new Violence Prevention Program.

All Lake Charles Memorial Health System employees are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment. If you witness or experience violence or threats of violence while at work, take immediate precautions according to existing safety and security procedures, and report the incident as soon as possible.

What is Workplace Violence?

Workplace Violence is any act of violence or threat of violence that occurs at the work site. The term workplace violence shall not include lawful acts of self-defense or defense of others. Workplace violence includes the following:

  1. The threat or use of physical force against an employee that results in, or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, psychological trauma, or stress regardless of whether the employee sustains an injury.
  2. An incident involving the threat or use of a firearm or other dangerous weapon, including the use of common objects as weapons, regardless of whether the employee sustains an injury.

How to Report an Incident

  • Immediately contact LCMHS Security Services at #3333 or 337.494.3097
  • Notify your supervisor or leader about the situation
  • Receive medical care at the LCMH Emergency Department or LCMHS Employee Health.
  • File an incident report via Performance Health Partners
  • Any incident of workplace violence must be reported in Performance Health Partners, Lake Charles Memorial Health System Incident Reporting System. A report filed in Performance Health Partners is not a police report. Employees must contact 911 to file a police report or to request law enforcement assistance. Lake Charles Memorial Health System will take all actions to assist the employee in reporting any incident of workplace violence. Lake Charles Memorial Health System will not take any punitive or retaliatory action against an employee seeking assistance from local emergency services or law enforcement when a violent incident occurs. All incident reports submitted in Performance Health Partners are automatically forwarded to the appropriate managers and offices for follow up.

Violence Prevention Contacts

LCMHS Security Services: Dial "3333" inside LCMHS or call 337.494.3097

Local Law Enforcement: 911

Violence Prevention Email:

Violence Prevention Program Director

Paul Espey, Director, System Security Services & Violence Prevention