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Orthopedic Surgery

Your Safety is Our Priority

With cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques that go between the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, rather than cutting through them, Lake Charles Memorial's orthopedic surgeons utilize tiny cameras and surgical instruments inserted via one or two small incisions. Surgeries and procedures, in most cases, take less than two hours, with reduced trauma, faster healing, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and better cosmetic benefits. Navio™ robotic-assisted partial and total knee replacement is now available at Memorial offering greater precision in removing diseased bone while sparing healthy tissue and bone.

Hand & Wrist

Led by a fellowship-trained orthopedic hand and upper extremity surgeon who specializes in cutting-edge, minimally-invasive microsurgeries of the hand to treat conditions such as acute trauma, arthritis, nerve, tendon and ligament injuries, and nerve compression disorders, our services include the evaluation and management of pain or injury of the arm, forearm, wrist, and hand.

  • Minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery
  • Revolutionary microsurgery and reconstruction of acute hand trauma and disorders

Shoulder & Elbow

Memorial’s full spectrum of shoulder and elbow services includes a wide range of treatments from arthroscopy and minimally-invasive procedures to complex fracture work to partial and total shoulder or elbow replacement and reverse shoulder arthroplasty. Our non-surgical services include evaluation and management of arthritis of the shoulder or elbow, dislocations or instability, rotator cuff tears, and joint stiffness.

  • Advanced techniques for shoulder instability and repetitive stress injuries
  • Complex rotator cuff tear repairs
  • Progressive treatments for frozen shoulder, overuse, strains and arthritis

Hip, Shoulder & Knee

Nationally recognized specialists in treating injuries and conditions affecting hips and knees, the goal of our board-certified orthopedists is the maximum recovery of a joint’s function. Our services include primary and revised total joint replacements, partial replacements, and resurfacing techniques. In selected patients with arthritis and traumatic cartilage defects, we also offer joint surface transplantation, as well as corrective treatment of ligaments and tendons. Our therapists provide non-surgical care and post-surgical rehabilitation programs.

  • Minimally invasive knee, shoulder, and hip repair
  • Revolutionary robotic-assisted partial and total knee replacement
  • Cutting-edge joint replacements – complete and partial
  • Sophisticated joint resurfacing techniques
  • Pioneering arthroscopic hip labrum repair
  • Innovative ACL reconstruction
  • Pain-sparing surgical anesthetics such as Xparel

Foot & Ankle

At the forefront of scientific advancements to provide the highest quality treatment for a wide range of foot and ankle conditions and injuries, Memorial’s dedicated physicians and therapists offer the best possible care for both surgical and non-surgical treatment of athletic injuries, fractures, arthritis and deformities of the foot and ankle. Our specialized surgical services include ankle arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, and reconstruction of the forefoot (bunion), midfoot, hindfoot and ankle. Our specialized non-surgical services also include foot care for diabetics, orthotic prescriptions, and care for nails, corns, and calluses.

  • Minimally invasive foot and ankle repair/replacement
  • Broken bones and fractures

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