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Lake Charles Sports Medicine

The Memorial Difference

Lake Charles Memorial Health System is setting the standards for sports medicine in southwest Louisiana with cutting-edge techniques, protocols, and experts in the field of sports medicine. The newest proactive studies, plus pioneering non-invasive and surgical treatments help minimize trauma and prolong an athlete’s career by preventing injuries, decreasing healing time, reducing pain and shortening rehabilitation. Fewer injuries mean healthier athletes and longer careers.

As the leading sports medicine center for Lake Charles and southwest Louisiana, we offer pediatric, adolescent and adult injury assessment and treatment for:

  • Rotator cuff tendinitis to tears
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Patella-femoral problems such as jumpers knee and chronic patella (kneecap) dislocation
  • Meniscus (knee cartilage) disorders
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears and reconstruction
  • Ankle sprains
  • Stress fractures
  • Diagnostic imaging services
  • Athletic rehabilitation; physical therapy and athletic training consultations
  • Injury prevention outreach, education, and community speakers
  • Custom knee bracing and orthotics

Our Standards

As the official sports medicine provider for 14 Calcasieu Parish High Schools and McNeese State Athletics Sports Medicine Network, our highly-skilled athletic trainers attend athletic games, evaluate athletes' injuries, and make recommendations to coaches, parents, and athletes concerning the best course of action. We work with the families when a referral to another medical facility or physician is necessary. Also, we assist coaches during P.E. classes, consult with them during off-season workouts and cover on-site practices as needed.

Our focus has always been on the "total" health of the athlete.

Our experience has taught us that there is so much more to student-athlete healthcare and that's why we have proactively worked to develop such programs as:

  • Annual school physicals for area athletes
  • Concussion studies to reduce and prevent traumatic brain injuries by providing a baseline score to compare post-injury tests to make sure brain function is within normal limits to return to play
  • Long term dietician nutrition analysis to proactively improve the health and wellness of student athletes
  • Weight/hydration testing for wrestling athletes to determine whether a wrestler can compete safely in his particular weight class
  • ACL injury prevention studies to determine which athletes are at a greater risk for an ACL injury and put them on a preventative exercise program
  • Saturday Morning Walk-in Sports Injury Clinic during football season
  • Annual professional education workshops for our trainers and doctors reviewing on-field treatment of injuries and latest medical protocols
  • Foundation for Fairplay which grant funds to Calcasieu High Schools for safety equipment such as defibrillators, state-of-the-art helmets, and training equipment

Memorial-McNeese Sports Medicine Network Leader

McNeese State Athletics awarded its sports medicine contract to Lake Charles Memorial Health System based on a new approach to treating their student athletes: collaboration. With over 35 years of expertise in sports medicine services, Memorial facilitated and is leading a new partnership with area doctors from various specialties in the Lake Charles area who have signed on to provide medical care to the university’s student athletes.

As a leader in the field of sports medicine in Southwest Louisiana, Lake Charles Memorial's Sports Medicine team understands the shift over the last few years from focusing on just the bone and muscle injury to the importance of treating the total athlete...head to toe. With that in mind, the Memorial-McNeese Sports Medicine Network will be primary care driven with family medicine and provide the initial care and assessments. Depending on the individual needs of the athlete and the medical issue, a network of 70 doctors and therapists across 23 specialties will be available to McNeese athletes through the network.

Official Healthcare Provider for Area High School Athletics

Athletic performance on the field depends largely on what occurs off the field. Lake Charles Memorial is the sports medicine provider for approximately 450 amateur and professional-bound high school athletes from 14 area high schools. From day-to-day operations to the consistent training schedule of the athletes, we provide a total program to promote and maintain physical fitness. Under the direction of a renowned sports medicine physician and certified athletic trainers, Memorial's sports medicine team routinely provides medical support both on and off the field for participating high schools assessing injuries, consulting with coaches and administrators, maintaining training programs, following up on injured athletes and their rehabilitation, and supervising and training student trainers.

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association is proud to have partnered with Lake Charles Memorial Sports Medicine as an Official Regional Healthcare Partner in southwest Louisiana.

For the past decade, the LHSAA has conducted the State Softball Championships at Frasch Park in Sulphur and expanded its state championship presence in southwest Louisiana by including Semifinal Basketball, Swimming, and Baseball Championships. With thousands of athletes and hundreds of teams participating at state championship events, it is of high importance that high school student athletes have proper medical coverage. This multi-year partnership only proves LHSAA’s trust in Lake Charles Memorial's Sports Medicine and reconfirms our commitment to high school athletics.

Athletic Trainers

On any given weekend and any given sideline in southwest Louisiana, you might find an athletic trainer from Memorial Sports Medicine. Skilled in the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses that involve sports or physical activities, these trainers have served student athletes of our region since 1975. Our athletic trainers provide immediate on-site assessment and proactive treatment recommendations for injured athletes.

Fall & Spring Physicals

Thousands of high school athletes from Calcasieu and surrounding parishes participate in the annual fall or spring pre-participation physicals hosted by Memorial Sports Medicine. Student athletes have their blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, upper and lower extremities, and flexibility checked by a volunteer army of nurses, nursing students, athletic trainers, and student athletic trainers prior to their physical examinations which are conducted by Memorial physician specialists and resident physicians.

Saturday Morning Walk-in Injury Clinic

For 25 years, the Saturday morning walk-in injury clinic has offered a comprehensive, one-stop approach for area athletes needing the diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained in any sport during the week. Open to all athletes during football season, no appointment is necessary at the Saturday morning clinic,

A physician, nurse practitioner and/or other medical professionals will only see injured players if:

  • the athlete arrives by 8:00 a.m. at the Saturday clinic with a parent or legal guardian
  • all insurance cards are provided at that time
  • a parent or legal guardian provides a driver’s license or picture ID
  • the social security numbers for you and your child are provided so that we can file the insurance

In the case of student insurance purchased through your school, you must bring the completed Student Insurance Form (filled out by the school or athletic trainer and by the parent/legal guardian) with you. This verifies that a school official is aware of the injury and has signed acknowledgment. If this is not done, we will not file with the Student Insurance.

Sports Medicine Department
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