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My son Blaine MacDonald was a patient of your hospital and was discharged 8/30/18. He left the hospital still under the influence of medication. He was dropped at the Salvation Army without his 2 pieces of luggage or his wallet disoriented waiting for a friend to pick him up. When they arrived he had only a plastic bag with a shirt and medication when they were told he was dropped off with 2 cases of luggage and his wallet. The friends call the 7th floor to find where they secured his luggage to no avail. I'm his father and was contacted since he had no where to go and I was prepared to fly him to California to continue his treatment. Without ID you cannot board a plane. I called to see where and why his luggage and wallet were missing the nurse on the 7th floor had no idea since she was not his nurse. So I asked to be connected with security believing that his property had been secured. I was connected with Sharon Gonzales in security and told her I was desparate to find his belongings and most important his wallet since he could not board a plane on 8/31 without it. She agreed to check lost and found and get back to me. Ms Gonzales was my last resort since no one on the 7th floor or anyone else could resolve our delimma. Ms Gonzales advise me she would search the videos to find out if he had the luggage when he was checked in at emergency. After hours she found that he had went to Archers in the interim for a phyc evaluation. She made contact with Archer since the luggage or wallet was not to be found in the hospital. Archers was reluntant to drop things to look for the luggance but Ms. Gonzales wouldn't have it. She told me she would call back and let me know if the property was found at Archers. She called me no more than 30 minutes later, the luggage and the wallet were found and secure at Archers. She went the extra mile when others were satisfied that if property was not at Lake Charles Memorial when called, that concluded the search. Not Ms Gonzales she was on a mission! She wanted to eliminate the chance that someone at Lake Charles Memorial could be at fault which she accomplished. Clearing her employer of any subsequent fall out. She is a rare individual, with the highest level of integrety and most of all compassion for others. Character counts! Our family is truly in her debt and I'm blessed that God put her in my path. Please pass this on to her supervisor.