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I was in the emergency department on 11/10/2017 for several hours during the evening shift. My friend was suffering from trmendous migraine. Her 'NURSE' was EXTRMEMLY rude and had no caregiving skills what-so-ever. I do not recall his name because of how FURIOUS we both were. oh yea he had no name tag. The doctor on duty was Doctor Rameriz and was the BEST AND CARING DOCTOR I HAVE EVER MET (and we met a lot being she has an auto immune disease and has been through torcher along with this. But he treated her with the lowest form of disrepect and no concern. She paged him several times because of extreme Nausea and Pain and he basically laughed and never came. Upon her release he came into room turned on all lights and was talking in his loudest possible volume of voice. Knowing she was suffering serverely from chronic migraine. Dr R treated her as a human in extreme discomfort and the "nurse" was so rude and unprofessional. medical code states HELP NOT HARM. He truly harmed her. She came home more distrought and in pain and shaken by his so called treatment. this is the only hospital she will go to but with him working he makes your facilty VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. thank you a supportive patient of you facilty