Adult Behavioral Health

The Adult Psychiatric Program at Lake Charles Memorial's Archer Institute works with a broad spectrum of psychiatric problems such as mood disorders, psychotic disorders, disruptive behaviors and substance detoxification. The program offers inpatient crisis stabilization, short-term treatment, and comprehensive discharge planning for Lake Charles and southwest Louisiana residents. The average length of stay is 5 - 7 days. Memorial’s team-centered treatment plan includes:

  • Individual Sessions – This type of service is most often used when the patient’s issues involve internal conflicts, intra-personal decisions, or symptoms resulting in the patient’s self-imposed withdrawal and isolation from others. Individual therapy helps the patient gain insight, resolve internal conflict, and change behavior patterns.
  • Group Sessions – Unless there is a medical reason, patients attend one or more group session daily. The approach is intensive with a “here and now” focus on currently observed behavior. The therapeutic intervention is supportive and confrontational based on the dynamics of the group. All group sessions are open-ended so participants may be continuously added and graduated.
  • Family Conferences – A family meeting is scheduled to discuss the patient’s course of treatment, family’s view of the patient’s progress, and discharge plans for the patient.
  • Education Groups – These groups vary in focus, but are designed to teach the patient more effective social and coping skills.
  • Relaxation/Group Feedback – These may be group or individual sessions ordered by the physicians for stress management, relaxation and education.
  • Therapeutic Activity – Certified activity staff members teach the patient appropriate leisure skills that can be maintained after discharge from the hospital.
  • Spiritual Activity – The patient works to find emotional support in his/her religious and spiritual beliefs.

23-Hour Observation Unit

Our observation unit is dedicated to meeting the needs of adults who are currently in a condition that is likely to improve within a short period of time, enabling the individual to return to mainstream community if such significant progress takes place.

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