Cardiac Rehabilitation

Following a heart disease diagnosis, heart attack or cardiovascular surgery, cardiac rehab is a program designed for not only the patient, but also their families to help the patient get back to the best possible heart health. Memorial’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program uses a multidisciplinary approach to teach cardiac patients and their families about the disease process, risk factor modification, heart healthy eating and how to exercise safely to improve both their heart health and their quality of life.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is nationally certified through the AACVPR (American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation), offering a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient program that includes:

  • Cardiac Maintenance – A heart-healthy exercise and counseling program designed to improve the individual patient’s cardiac health and help prevent the worsening of heart disease or future cardiac events.
  • Pulmonary Rehab – Often used for patients with lung conditions such as COPD and shortness of breath, this program uses exercise to improve the breathing function.
  • Adult Fitness – An exercise philosophy that promotes the best fitness methods for each individual patient, one of the keys to heart health.

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