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Outpatient Rehabilitation

Lake Charles Memorial Outpatient Rehabilitation focuses physical, occupational and speech therapy services for individuals suffering from a variety of physical and neurological conditions. We are continuously exploring new methods and updating our skillset to ensure our patients' receive the most advanced therapies. One of our newest techniques for relief of chronic pain and muscle paralysis is called dry needling. Click here to find out more this treatment. Whether from a sports injury or medical condition, quality rehabilitative care can make a difference in successful recovery. Our services include:

Physical Therapy

  • Post-operative return to function
  • Orthopedic injury treatment
  • Therapeutic strength training
  • Ambulation, mobility and transfer training
  • Balance and fall prevention training
  • Sport specific injury rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

  • Upper body function training
  • Injury and post-operative hand therapy
  • Self-care and dressing training
  • Adaptive technique and equipment training
  • Lymphedema control activities

Speech Therapy

  • Swallowing evaluation and treatment
  • Assessment & treatment of communication disorders
  • Cognitive retraining
  • Verbal & auditory processing assessment

Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and Neurological Conditions

Memorial Outpatient Rehab offers rehabilitation for those affected by Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions. Services include occupational, physical and speech therapy. We offer LSVT Big and Loud programs by therapists trained in this treatment.

LSVT Big is provided by a trained occupational or physical therapist to improve movement. This translates into faster walking with bigger steps, improved balance, improved posture and improved participation and independence in daily activities.

LSVT Loud is provided by a trained speech therapist to improve vocal volume and speech intelligibility. This allows the patient to have improved social interactions and improved functioning related to voice and speech.

LSVT Big and LSVT Loud treatments consist of:

  • Occupational therapy or physical therapy, and speech therapy evaluations to determine patient specific goals and establish a plan
  • 16 sessions: typically 4 days per week for 4 weeks
  • Printed exercise manual to guide daily homework practice
  • Daily functional task training to help implement therapy practice into daily life

Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation
3212 2nd Avenue
(337) 494-2556